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Equestrian Heights

2015 High Point Form

If you need a form to fill out and send to Kari, click here!

You can mail them to her at the address on the form itself.


Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be Monday November 30th 2015 at 6:30pm.  Location still to be determined.



Biography of GKCAHA

The Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association was chartered in 1964, as the original AHA affiliate in the Kansas City area.   The Club has sponsored major Region 11 Class A shows for over 20 years.

Many members serve on Regional and National Committees, and are active as workers and exhibitors at the various National Championships.  GKCAHA sponsors a successful one-day All-Breed show, as well as a biennial training clinic featuring nationally-known trainers which attracts attendees from across the Midwest.  The Midwinter Celebration is an annual tradition for all members, which honors the High Point winners of the show season at a dinner and presentation of awards.


Amateur Owner Rule added to Code of Ethics


A new statement has been added to the AHA Code of Ethics under ETHICS 104, with notice that competitors may be subject to Ethical Practice Review filings under the following: “It is unethical to transfer or assist or facilitate in the transfer of a horse with the intent to circumvent the purpose of the rules regarding ownership of horses shown in the amateur and/or junior owner classes.  It is unethical for any AHA member to        not provide information relating to the transfer in question that is requested by the Probably Cause Panel or the Ethical Practice Review Board.”  In determining whether the transfer was unethical, the EPRB may consider, among others, the following:

  • Horse ending up back in the previous owners name within a year of the original transfer.

  • Horse being transferred at less than fair market value (owner to provide proof of sales amount)

  • The fact that prize money went to a person other than the owner or family member.

  • The fact that the owner or family member did not pay the expenses relating to the upkeep and showing of the horse.


HELP Humane Society

507 Main St., Belton, MO 64012
816-318-4357 www.helppets.org

Charity of the Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association
You can donate any of these items to help this no-kill animal shelter take care of the many cats & dogs it has taken in.  You can take items to the shelter or bring to Glass Horse Farm.

Daily Supplies: Laundry Soap, Paper Towels, Bleach, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Glass Cleaner, Dish Soap, 55 Gallon Trash Bags, Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Small paper plates, Disposable gloves - non-latex, Scrub brushes or sponges.

Animal Supplies: Bath sized rugs, Baby blankets, Scoopable cat litter, Dog and cat toys, Cat nip, Cat scratching posts, Pet carriers, Cat and dog beds

Food: Fancy Feast Classic Canned food, KMR-Kitten Milk Replacement, Friskies or 9-Lives canned food,  Canned tuna Small envelopes, Target, Walmart & Petco gift cards, AA batteries

Office Supplies: Printer paper, Postage Stamps, Thank you cards, Small envelopes, Target, Walmart & Petco gift cards, AA batteries

Medical Supplies: Digital Thermometers, Triple Antibiotic cream, Syringes (including diabetic), Bandaids, Cotton Balls, Rubbing Alcohol

Volunteers Always Needed!